Blunham Lake (& The River Ivel)

The smallest lake on the Manor Farm complex, Blunham is a 2-acre mixed fishery perfect for an action packed day out on the float or feeder. Fishing The River Ivel is via Blunham Lake.

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Blunham Lake

With 25 comfortable reed-fringed swims and depths ranging from 8-12ft, Blunham offers plenty of choice and offers a fantastic opportunity for juniors or inexperienced anglers to learn the basics of angling for many different species while enjoying a lovely day out in the Bedfordshire countryside.

Blunham Lake fishes well as the water begins to warm up, and is a good starter lake for juniors or inexperienced anglers to be introduced and progress in the sport, Fishing a pole or running line with Maggots nearly always produces fish, and be prepared for one of the larger inhabitants to take your bait.
Some Carp in this lake are now pushing over 20lb and there are plenty of doubles to be had.

We do not allow boilies on this lake, but luncheon meat, sweet corn and pellets are all effective baits. Fishing close in the margin is an excellent tactic if you are able to keep quiet and still, as is surface fishing in the summer months. NO spodding allowed on this lake.
It is possible to really bag upĀ  fishing off the top if you can get them feeding confidently as Dick Vale proved this with a haul of 30 fish in one morning session.

Stocked with large numbers of Roach, Rudd, Tench, Bream and Carp, there is always a fish or two willing to feed and some of the Carp have now pushed into the 20lb bracket – they don’t half pull when they pick up a single Maggot fished on a size 18 to 3lb hooklink!

With boilies banned to ensure pleasure anglers can make best use of this water, Maggots, pellets, sweetcorn and luncheon meat are the favoured baits. Floatfished Maggot fished tight to the bottom, nearly always produces a bumper bag of Silvers and the best fishing for this method is around the margins. Out in the deeper water towards the middle, a nice big lump of meat will often pick out the larger Carp and they can also be enticed into taking a floater during the warmer months.


Common Carp
  • QuantityHigh
  • Weight2 to 25lb
Mirror carp
  • QuantityModerate
  • Weight2 to 20lb
  • QuantityHigh
  • Weight1 to 8lb
  • QuantityHigh
  • Weight1 to 2lb
  • QuantityHigh
  • Weight1 to 2lb
  • QuantityHigh
  • Weight1 to 2lb
  • QuantityModerate
  • Weight1 to 6lb
  • Swims 25 Swims
  • Size 2 Acres
  • Depth 8 to 12 Feet
Blunham Lake   (& The River Ivel)

Blunham Lake is a mature 2-acre lake surrounded by a fringe of reeds, the average depth of Blunham is 7-8 foot, going down to 12 feet in places.
The lake has 25 swims with parking available down one side making it ideal for anglers less able to walk.

However, we do ask anglers not to drive around the lake or on the grass. The lake is stocked with a mixture of coarse fish including Roach, Rudd, Perch, Tench, Bream and Carp.

This is a truly well stocked mixed Species lake making it ideal for pleasure anglers and those new to the Sport.

For Anglers seeking the River Ivel, we kindly ask that you purchase a ticket for our Blunham Lake. Please park at the end of Blunham Lake where it meets Booneys and you can access the River Ivel via the stile but please be cautious as we have a Predator electric fence.

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