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All of us here at Manor Farm Lakes would like to wish you all a Happy Fathers Day and hope you have a fantastic day 🙂#manorfarmlakes#fathersday ... See MoreSee Less
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Seeing as it is a horrible day out there we thought we would show you some catch photo's from the past week or so and again thank you to each and all for taking the time to send them over to us. Also don't forget with Fathers day looming this weekend, its the perfect opportunity to grab one of our gift certificates 😏🎣🐳Have a great weekend and if you are joining us on the bank, good luck 🍀🎣#manorfarmlakes ... See MoreSee Less
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If stuck for ideas for Fathers Day, this Sunday 20th June, our Gift Certificates could be just the answer! They are easy to purchase on our website for a single Day, 5 days or 24 hours 🎁Our bookings are open up to the 30th September 2021. Our caravan site is open.We only allow the Angler and members of their household in the swim – other visitors are not allowed.Bookings must be made online in advance – tickets cannot be purchased at our ticket kiosk.Every angler must book separately – any group bookings will be cancelled by us.Arrival for Nights is from 3pm to set up for a 4pm start – finish is through the exit gate before 4pm the next day.BEFORE BOOKING & ARRIVING YOU MUST READ THE ANGLING TRUST CURRENT UPDATED GUIDELINES AT REPORT FROM 9th June to the 15th June 2021CARP LAKEAlan Bloomfield had a good session and fished Corn and Boilies to produce 6 Carp to 24lb, Toby Coulton landed a a 20lb Common using a Krill Wafter, Barry Neale enjoyed his outing netting 6 Carp to 23lb7oz on Cell and Maggots. Iain Vale found the Carp in hungry mood and was rewarded with 14 up to 21lb6oz on fake corn during a Day session. Stef fished the margins with sweet corn for 7 carp up to 20lbs. Dan the man nailed 3 Carp to 17lb using a 15 mm scopex squid pop up and one from the top on floaters. Shawn landed a Common of 18lb2oz on a red robin bottom bait. Mark was all smiles as he landed a lovely looking Common of 23lb caught on a pineapple pop up tipped off with corn. Craig managed a bite from our Black and White Koi, hitting the dials at 18lb from a 12mm pink citruz pop up. George used bottom baits tipped off with corn to nab himself a Common of 17 lb and a new PB fully scaled Mirror of 25lb. Gary landed a 14lb Common on a manilla wafter. Jon Taylor had a couple of fun filled nights as when the sun dipped the fish started to play ball with Jon banking 7 Carp to 24lb using 12 mm yellow cell pop ups, whilst his friend Jason Powell captured 3 Carp to 22lb8oz on a combination of mainlines IB’s and Nash’s 12mm white citruz pop ups. Iain Vale made the most of his week off work with a couple of returning Day sessions where he managed to land 17 Carp to 21lb8oz and 2 Tench to 5lb with all bites falling to mainline dumbbells over a spread of corn, well in bud 😊WINTERS Steve Page had a 11lb Common on Pop-up Corn, Aaron landed 2 Carp to 21lb on Scent from Heaven and Fake Corn. Harry opted for a scopex squid pop up and was rewarded with a Common of 32lb. Marius caught 2 Carp to 20lb using corn. Rob Vigano managed 3 Carp including a new PB Mirror of 30lb1oz using DNA slk bottom baits. Nick Norman opted for the ever-popular squid T2 and was rewarded with a mirror of 20lb.BECKS LAKEMihaly caught an 8lb Bream using double Fake Corn. Dave Payne caught 3 Carp to 19lb7oz and a token Tench on bottom baits. Young Jack of 9 years old was all smiles at the weekend as he caught a Mirror of 15lb using bread. Dan Edwards used fake corn to bring 3 Carp to 19lb to the bank.BOONEYS LAKERichard Young delivered a Cell Boilies to the lake bed to capture 3 Carp to 27lb5oz, a few nights done by Stuart Raby saw him land 4 Carp to 20lb and 2 Tench all coming on Solid bags and Fake Corn. Luke bagged a Common of 15lb using a Krill pop up. Ryan went with a bottom bait from Aqua bait to land a Common of 20lb. James Ellis had a good session banking 5 Carp to 26lb using the good old fake corn. Ben Humphres nailed 2 Commons to 24lb.MATCH CANALPaul enjoyed his day and fished pellets for 12 Carp up to 8lbs. Kellar fired out sweetcorn and was rewarded with 2 Carp to 5lb and a Bream of 4lb8oz. Andy and Trevor had 2 Carp each both at 10lb and all bites using bread punch. Robert braved the heat and was rewarded with a Common of 7lb using luncheon meat.DAMSEL LAKERay Ogden caught a 26lb Common on P/tuna, Barry Richardson delivered a 25lb Mirror to the bank using Cell, Ben was fishing a Zig to catch 2 Carp to 22lb, Lee Webb had a great session netting 7 Carp to 27lb on Pop-up Corn, Chris Hargreaves was Krill and S/Corn to capture 2 Carp to 19lb, John fished DNA Baits Wafter to lure fish back to the bank up to a 19lb Common, Andy Farr also produced 5 Carp to 23lb5oz - they all fell to Krill. Reece Beddall went with Nash’s scopex squid to land 3 Carp to 22lb while his brother Dan caught a Common of 21lb using the same bait.BLUNHAMSteve landed 2 Carp to 8lbs off the top with dog biscuit. Malcolm went for the silvers and was rewarded with loads of Perch on maggots. Dave Trundell coaxed 2 Carp of the surface to 17lb a 4lb Tench and a load of Roach, Brian enjoyed his session with 9 Carp to 17lb all from the Surface, Phil netted 2 Carp to 14lb on a Krill Wafter, Stuart was using S/corn to bag up on Roach. Sam, Tony and Sam also bagged up on Perch and Roach fishing with Maggots and Dendra Worms. Steve enjoyed taking 6 Carp to 13lb from the surface while his young son managed a small perch using his maggots. Young David Prodan enjoyed the surface action by landing a Common of 6lb using floaters. ... See MoreSee Less
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The temperature is through the roof and while it may have slowed the catch rates, the Carp are still coming to the net here at Manor ☀ 🎣😏 Here are a few snaps from the week just gone, if you are on the bank then good luck and those that are not, enjoy the sunshine and have a great week 🙂#manorfarmlakes ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

BAILIFFS TIP: Don’t forget your fake corn as its going down well over the whole complex 😉 We will be carrying out our regular spot checks on rigs so please don’t be caught short with barbed hooks as we really don’t like to spoil anyone’s day, Enjoy the sunshine and have a great week guys and girls 😊 Our bookings are open up to the 30th September 2021. Our caravan site is open.We only allow the Angler and members of their household in the swim – other visitors are not allowed.Bookings must be made online in advance – tickets cannot be purchased at our ticket kiosk.Every angler must book separately – any group bookings will be cancelled by us.Arrival for Nights is from 3pm to set up for a 4pm start – finish is through the exit gate before 4pm the next day.BEFORE BOOKING & ARRIVING YOU MUST READ THE ANGLING TRUST CURRENT UPDATED GUIDELINES AT REPORT FROM 2nd June to 8th JuneCARP LAKETom Grylls had a cracking session with 7 Carp up to a 23lb Mirror on a wafter. The link and fake corn was the bait of choice for Tim Langley with a 24lb Mirror. Ian Wilson did an overnight session and was rewarded with 5 up to 19lb4oz on a pineapple pop-up. Kerry bagged a common of 20lb on the nose using fake corn. Jordan was beaming all over his face as he enjoyed a new PB Common of 29lb plus 6 other Carp to go with it a big well done to him. Tyler hit the Carp lake with Pva bags and fake corn as his hook bait and was rewarded with 5 Carp to 25lb6oz. Ryan fished monster crab bottom baits for 3 Carp up to a 25lb Common. Jordan was also on monster crab and had a 20lb Common. WINTERS James had a 11lb8oz Common on DNA Baits, Dan caught a 18lb12oz Common he was using a WafterPaul Hancock landed 3 Carp to just over 26lb using Northern specials on Ronnie rigs. Jay Smith caught a Mirror of 16lb9oz using a white manilla pop up tipped with corn. Ricky landed 5 Carp to 23lb using a cream bottom bait boilie. Paul changed between a zig rig and a manilla pop up to land 2 Carp to 17lb.BECKS LAKEJames Griffin fished a bottom bait for a 20lb Common. Rory and Ricky had 7 Carp between them with the biggest hitting 28lb coming from yellow wafters. Martin Buchan produced 3 Carp to 17lb8oz using a PVA bag and a Cell Pop-up, young 7year old Harley had a great session as he had a load of Perch, Rudd, Roach and a PB 19lb8oz Common on a Pineapple Pop-up. Mark caught 2 Commons up to 17lb2oz on fake corn. Neil caught a Mirror of 12lb6oz, a Common of 17lb4oz and finished it off with a Tench of 7lb4oz with all bites coming from the margins on fake corn. Dave caught 4 Carp including a Mirror of 19lb8oz and a Common of 20lb8oz from orange and pineapple pop ups. Ian Vale had early success banking 3 carp to 15lb and a new PB Tench of 7lb8oz on dumbell over sweet corn. Adam landed 2 fish including a personal best common on a Ronnie rig with a citruz pop-up. BOONEYS LAKEPaul Martin used a white pop-up to snare 2 Carp up to 22lb15oz. Stuart landed 2 Carp up to 24lbs on a milky toffee pop-up. A pop-up was the downfall for 5 Carp up to a 29lb mirror for Gabriel. Barry and Claire tempted 3 Carp up to a Mirror of 25lb8oz on a bottom bait. Leon surface fished for a 24lb4oz Mirror. Joe Miles made the step up to Booneys and was rewarded with an old original Mirror of 22lb caught on a wafter via a solid bag.Lee Morgan managed to salvage his session with a lovely dark 29lb8oz Common on a Wafter, Stuart netted 3 Carp to 23lb all caught on a PVA bag and a Wafter. Mark Wilby gave the surface a good going over and was reacquainted with a mirror of 18lbs that he caught 4 years ago 'to the day' before ! Joe Miles now has the bug for Booneys as he made another day trip and was rewarded with 2 original carp up to 23lb.MATCH CANALMartin had a bag of Roach and Perch using maggots and luncheon meat. James caught a lovely looking Common of 8lb on luncheon meat. Sunday saw us host a small match for an event called Children’s Day where lots of children were able to enjoy the day in the sun with their parents catching plenty of small Roach and Perch with a few small Carp making an appearance also. Colin Cox landed 8 Carp to 8lbs on liquorice flavoured sweet corn. DAMSEL LAKEThomas used a snowman setup to capture a Common of 16lb8oz. Alex fished a 20mm krill bottom bait for a Common of 30lb8oz. Will used a 12mm tutti fruity pop up deployed via a solid bag and was rewarded with 3 Carp to 25lb. Andrew caught a 20lb Common that liked his Robin Red pellet. Rick was beaming as he managed 2 Commons both above 20lb with the largest one going 25lb2oz. Keith Richardson got the float rod out armed with a mussel and produced a Common of 20lb8oz.Bradley and his Nash Bread Bomb brought him a PB Common of 24lb7oz. Dan Ferguson hit it right by taking 6 Carp from the surface to 24lb8oz using bread. Jamie used pineapple pop ups to his advantage banking 2 Commons to 21lb. Jackie snared 3 Carp to a new PB of 17lb6oz using white cell fluro pop ups and white fake corn. Tony Virgo managed a Mirror of 14lb4oz that slipped up on his solid bag and white fake corn tactics. Kieron and his dad had a Common each with Dads going 22lb and Kieron’s hitting 18lb with both fish falling victim to a manilla wafter. Nathaniel Boston fished just a rod length out and was greeted with a Mirror of 16lb on a squid and octopus bottom bait. Ryan surface fished for Carp of 27lbs and 25lbs. George had a 21lber off the top. BLUNHAMDad Jon and his two sons Benji and Edward enjoyed their day on the bank netting tons of silvers and Bream all falling to Maggots, Keller and Oliver had a mixed bag all falling to Maggots, Lewis and Alex had a 6lb Carp and loads of Roach that fell to Maggots. Harley Smith surface fished for 8 double figure Carp. Gary fished with luncheon meat for 2 Carp up to 7lbs. ... 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All Anglers must make themselves aware of all the current rules via this link before booking 

We are open for all Anglers for Day and Night fishing.

All bookings MUST be made online in advance for Track & Trace – tickets cannot be purchased at the ticket machine – please do not arrive onsite without pre-booking.

Every angler must book separately – any group bookings will be cancelled by us.
Day Ticket arrival is from 6am to 9pm – your day tickets expires at the exit gate at 9pm so please ensure you are offsite before 9pm.
Arrival for Nights is from 3pm to set up for a 4pm start – finish is through the exit gate before 4pm the next day.

Anglers must fish alone or only with members of their household in the swim – NO OTHER VISITORS – if they do not live with you please do not invite them to ‘pop in and see you’ as we will then need to ask them and you to leave site. Please do not visit other Anglers swims.

Our Caravan Site is open with the toilet/shower block now open too.


Please wear a mask when collecting your ticket at the kiosk and maintain social distance.

Please do not visit us if you are feeling unwell or have come into contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid – please do not put our staff or other Anglers at risk.

We retain the right to refuse entry to any Angler or Visitor if we have any doubts or concerns, including questions of household mixing or location.

We all have a duty to protect everyone else and protect the right to fish so please do not try to bend the rules for us to then ask you to leave.

Manor Farm Lakes Team 

Manor Farm Lakes is an extensive 100 acre fishery based in the heart of Central Bedfordshire, with easy access from the A1. Manor Farm Lakes consists of a range of 7 different fishing lakes with an 18 van touring caravan site with electric hook-ups.

A range of fishing experiences are catered for at Manor Farm Lakes including carp fishing for pleasure anglers and specialists, night fishing, fly fishing for carp, match and coarse angling as well as predator spinning, lure and deadbait fishing in the winter months. The River Ivel acts as the boundary along our eastern edge and is also available to fish with a good head of chub, barbel, pike and bream.

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Manor Farm’s 7 lakes together with the dedicated Match Canal provide a different challenge for anglers of all levels and experience. More Information.

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Gift certificates are now available to purchase as Single Day Ticket Gifts or 5 x Days Ticket Gifts.  More Information.