Our Rules

  • We operate a ZERO TOLERANCE response to any form of abusive behaviour, physical, verbal or written to our Bailiffs, Anglers or Visitors and we reserve the right to ask any person onsite to leave at any time

  • E A Rod Licence required
  • You MUST DIP your NET/MAT/SLING/BAIT BOAT on arrival at the Lake
  • No moving Lakes without asking a Bailiff  – at this time NO MOVE OF LAKES PERMITTED
  • No more than 3 metres from your rods AT ANYTIME  including with a receiver
  • Maximum size hook to be used is 6
  • Barbless hooks only
  • 42 inch Minimum sized net for the Carp Lakes
  • No braided mainline
  • Maximum 2 rods
  • Unhooking mat required on all lakes
  • No retaining fish for more than 30 minutes
  • Lake Record verification – use this link :https://manorfarmlakes.com/services/lake-records/
  • Carp sacks are not allowed
  • No Keepnets – Keepnets can only be used during organised matches
  • Spomb Floats to be used on Spombs. No spodding allowed on Blunham Lake or The Canal.
  • Pike fishing is only permitted during the winter months between 1st October and 31st March on Becks and Booneys Lake
    Live baiting is not permitted, however spinning and deadbaiting are permitted during the predator season
  • Drop shotting can be used for perch fishing all year
  • Fishing from designated pegs only. Some pegs maybe closed at times for health and safety reasons
  • No magnet fishing
  • Under 8s must be accompanied by a non-fishing adult or fish from the same swim as the accompanying adult. They must not wander off unsupervised
  • Under 14s must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • Under 18s can night fish when accompanied by an adult
  • One Non fishing visitor is permitted per Angler plus children, at a fee of £3 per person for a Day Ticket visitor and £5 per person for a 24 Hour Ticket visitor. We ask that non-fishing visitors are respectful of the other anglers. The Angler will be held responsible for their visitor’s actions.
  • Baitboats are permitted on all waters with the exception of Blunham Lake and the Match Canal and providing they are used in a sensible manner. Should your boat need rescuing by our team, then a fee of £20 will be required
  • Noisy parties and groups of people will not be tolerated
  • No wading or swimming in our lakes under any circumstances
  • Cars must only be parked in the car parks. Should your car need a jumpstart/rescuing a minimum fee of £20 will be taken
  • No unauthorised vehicles around the lakes. Disabled blue badge holders only with prior permission. No cars including disabled around the Blunham Lake due to lack of access
  • No electric bikes or scooters
  • No open fires, although SMALL barbeques are permitted but must be used sensibly
  • Alcohol is permitted on site, but must be used sensibly in order to ensure the safety of the fish and to avoid causing a general annoyance to other anglers
  • No drones of any kind
  • Strictly no guns
  • No dogs, even on leads. For bookings in the caravan park dogs on leads are permitted but must remain within the caravan park area or walked on leads to Biggleswade Common which is behind the Blunham / Booneys Lakes
  • We accept no responsibility for any damage or loss to equipment or vehicles which may occur whilst at Manor Farm Lakes
  • DO NOT LITTER, bins are provided for your rubbish in the car parks

Match Rules

Any clubs wishing to book matches must follow Manor Farm Lakes rules including the match rules listed below and pre book and pay a £50 deposit in advance. The following rules apply to Club bookings & open matches fished on the match canal:

  • Float fishing only on the Match Canal
  • No floating baits
  • Maximum 1kg total of pellet / loose feed
  • Fishing to the Canal middle only, maximum 11m pole
  • No nut base baits
  • Please avoid handling the fish as much as possible; all fish to be netted-in, unhooked via side of net and placed into keep net from the landing net
  • Only Manor Farm Lakes own keep nets are to be used unless given permission
  • F1 Carp are to put in with Silver fish NOT Carp
  • Carp Net: No more than 50lb must be kept in one carp keep net at any one time
  • Silver Fish Net: No more than 40lb must be kept in one keep net at any one time
  • Any unused bait to be disposed of in our bins provided. Under no circumstances should this be thrown into the Canal at the end of the match
  • All litter to be placed in our commercial bin provided in the car park
  • Keepnets should be returned following the match. The club will be held responsible for any nets not returned
  • Manor Farm Lakes is a natural environment for which we do our utmost to maintain, as such we accept no responsibility for any personal accident which may occur as a result of being on site at Manor Farm. Trips, slips and other such incidents can and do occur and are generally beyond our control. Please report any incidents to Manor Farm Lakes Office or 01767 601138  in order for them to be recorded. Minors require constant supervision by a non-fishing adult.
  • Specific rules for disabled and elderly anglers may be agreed in advance

Contact Us

Manor Farm Lakes is an extensive 100 acre fishery based in the heart of Central Bedfordshire, with easy access from the A1.

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