Damsel Lake

Opened in 1992 and formerly a put & take Trout lake, the 5-acre Damsel is now the premier mixed Fishery on the Manor Farm site.

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Damsel Lake at Manor Farm Lakes

Damsel Lake at Manor Farm Lakes was first opened in 1992 as a put and take Trout lake. Over time the water has become more coloured and stocks of Coarse fish and Carp have increased gradually.

In 2008 we started opening the Damsel Lake for Coarse and Carp Fishing during the summer months. The lake became an instant success with all anglers, becoming known as an excellent runs water.

In 2011 we took the decision to convert this lake permanently to a mixed Fishery. The lake covers 5 acres with 35 swims and depths ranging from 5 feet in the shallows on the south bank to 12 feet in the northeast corner.

Common Carp
  • QuantityHigh
  • Weight5 to 35lb
Mirror Carp
  • QuantityModerate
  • Weight5 to 32lb
  • QuantityModerate
  • Weight1 to 9lb
  • QuantityHigh
  • Weight1 to 2lb
  • QuantityHigh
  • Weight1 to 2lb
  • QuantityLow
  • Weight1 to 5lb
  • Swims 35 Swims
  • Size 5 Acres
  • Depth 5 to 12 Feet
Damsel Lake

With the current stock consisting of carp to 35lb 13oz, Roach, Tench, Perch and a solitary Grass Carp, Damsel is a fantastic lake to get plenty of action or to progress onto as a larger, slightly more challenging alternative to Blunham.

With 35 swims, Damsel has a predominantly gravel bottom with very little weed. Depths range from 5ft in the shallows on the south bank down to 12ft in the northeast corner and there are a number of silty pockets to be found throughout the lake.

These large fish move around the lake in huge shoals and can provide action all day to a regularly baited spot, Zigs have proved popular for the Carp, as have surface and even Fly tactics during the warmer months.

A fringe of marginal reeds provide excellent habitat for the fish. The bottom is generally gravel with some silty areas and minimal weed. Damsel is predominately stocked with Carp but for the pole anglers, good bags of Tench, Roach and Perch are regularly caught.

Minimal weed and good water colour makes this a really good lake to get plenty of action and also to introduce those new to Carp and general pleasure angling. Damsel Lake contains carp to 35lb, with our current Lake Record at 35lb 13oz caught on 29th December 2021,  and with other Carp averaging between the 15-20lb mark. Plus an abundance of Roach, Tench, Perch, a couple of Koi and one solitary Grass Carp

Unfortunately we no longer stock trout during the winter months. This is an excellent lake for beginners and carp anglers looking for plenty of runs. Carp on the fly and surface fishing are also very good sport during the summer months with multiple hits of fish being recorded.

Night fishing and pleasure angling are available on the Damsel Lake. Full payment per person per night is required for all night bookings. Fly fishing for carp is an excellent alternative to Trout, with superb evening rises during the summer months. 24 Hour fishing sessions that accounts for 16 swims starts on Damsel Lake from 4pm.  available

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