Winters Lake

Winters Lake is one of the harder lakes at Manor Farm Lakes due to the weed and size of fish, however good presentation and patience will pay dividends and if you are prepared to work at it, this is the lake where you are most likely to catch a big twenty, thirty or even a Carp that just nudges over the 40lb barrier.

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Winters Lake

Backing onto Booneys, Winters Lake is an equally challenging water with equally rewarding stock to target. Established in 2004, Winters has been stocked with hand-picked Carp reared on the Manor Farm site and holds approximately 100 over the 20lb mark to a current complex record of a 41lb 8oz Common Carp that goes by the name of Frankie.

The average size of the Carp in this lake is the highest on the site, with many fish topping the 30lb mark. Although a gravel pit, the bottom of Winters is of relatively uniform depth averaging 9ft throughout with a deeper area of 12ft towards the northeast corner. Weed is abundant through the summer months but clear patches can be found with diligent use of a lead or marker float, there are also a number of islands and reed-fringed margins which provide cover and can be very productive areas to fish to.

The stock in Winters is renowned for being tricky to tempt and as a result fishing for one bite at a time tends to yield the best results. Small bright pop ups in PVA bags account for a large percentage of bites through the year, with zigs coming into their own if the fish aren’t playing ball in the bottom.

During periods of extreme heat we will run our generator situated behind the Lake’s west side, this is to protect our The Canal fish stocks. If you wish to avoid the generator noise please choose to avoid the west side of the lake, swims 1,2,3 & 4 – there are 12 available swims for the 8 anglers on this lake for this reason.
Common Carp
  • QuantityHigh
  • Weight5 to 41lb8oz
Mirror Carp
  • QuantityModerate
  • Weight5 to 35lb
  • QuantityHigh
  • Weight1 to 2lb
  • QuantityHigh
  • Weight1 to 2lb
  • Swims 12 Swims
  • Size 5 Acres
  • Depth 4 to 12 feet
Winters Lake

This lake was initially stocked with Carp reared at Manor Farm, including over 30 lb Commons as well as many other 20’s and a few in the top teens. The lake holds around 100 good sized Carp, most of which are well over 20lb with many going over the 35lb mark with our current Lake and Complex Record standing at 41lb 8oz on 3rd May 2021.

The stock includes a lot of heavily plated Mirrors to high twenties as well as Commons to high 30’s and a few original Mirrors which also run to mid 30’s. As with all of our lakes the fish are breeding, therefore there some smaller Carp present. A few more unusual fish have also been caught in Winters including Roach-Rudd hybrids over 4lb, a rare chance to catch such a fish. This lake is on a booking only basis and we limit the number of anglers to 4 Day and 8 Night tickets being sold, so please do book this lake in advance to avoid disappointment.

A large unhooking mat and minimum 42″ landing net are required to fish this lake.

For the more experienced Carper or those up for a challenge, Winters Lake is the place to be.

Winters Lake was established in November 2004 with 12 swims and has an average depth of about 9 feet with a deeper area in the north eastern corner going down to 12 feet.

There is also a very shallow bay that is not permitted for fishing to attract wading birds. The lake has several islands as well as a good fringe of reeds around the margins plus a few clear patches in mid water. These are all good features to fish to, along with surface fishing in the warmer evenings.

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